Wednesday 26 September 2007

EWTN and other ramblings

Finding myself at home ill, I thought I'd watch a bit on-line.

I don't tune in too often and the 5 hour time difference can be a little strange.

I could get a taste for it though and it must be great if you are ill on a more permanent basis. (Watching EWTN that is, not being ill.)

It's so different from any UK TV and I like the globe thing with St Peter's in the middle. 'Bringing you the splendor of the truth.' It's all confident and upbeat.

When I happened upon the Papal Mass in Vienna, I really liked the commentator's occasional, 'and you join us here for the 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time...' because let's face it we are rather starved of that sort of thing with the BBC. Ah, the special sneering tone, yawn.

Fr Ray (of happy and renewed bloggings) has a post about the positive influence of the Poles. Grandma has a Polish cleaner called Betty. I'm convinced she's biding time before becoming a brain surgeon. In the mean time however, she's so polite and respectful, cheery and hard working. And she's from Crakow, so Grandma's pic of JPII that she got in '79 when she went over to Ireland for the Papal Visit hopefully makes her feel a bit at home.


Mulier Fortis said...

Oh no... hope you didn't "catch" it from me... (if you did, it must have been a computer virus...)


Get well soon (and try taking some of the advice I got given: plenty of drugs and alcohol!)

leutgeb said...

Sticking with the drugs thanks.

Lemsip max direct my sherbet of choice.


I'm sure you can't catch this online! Plenty of opportunity at work and on trains.