Saturday 15 November 2008

An Award.

Mac has awarded me an award.

Not bad for someone who spends 99% of blogging time reading blogs and 1% writing on her blog.

A pretty award too.
As usual, lots of the blogs I like have been awarded the award too.
But there are still lots of good ones left so;
Maggie Clitherow of Don't know what I'm doing
Faccio la mamma at Antagonistic Pots and Pans
Madame E at * Be kind, she's having a tough time, just now.
Fr Z - I like the recent excursions into Advent customs and breakfast.
plus everyone else on my blog roll.


LizzieD said...

Oooh thankyou, Leutgeb, I was feeling quite jealous that Mulier didn't give me one, but then, I'm not sure if she even knows I exist!! I've been busy starting up a small business from home, so haven't had much time to put anything on my blog - maybe this will inspire me to get back to writing a post or two...

leutgeb said...

My pleasure. I'm not the most prolific of posters myself and I'm not setting up a small business.

Hope all is going well.

madame evangelista said...

Now you've made me cry again! Good tears though, like Halle Berry winning an Oscar ;) Thank you xxx