Thursday 6 November 2008


Auntie Joanna has all about the Towards Advent event at Westminster Cathedral Hall on Sat 8th Nov. I went two years ago and it was excellent. I bought a book on plainchant from a Benedictine, some bees wax candles and an olive wood crib for my Mum made in Bethlehem. I spent a long time at that stall with several other people, because each crib was different and very beautiful, so there were just lots of people smiling and gazing at cribs really.

Then there was the CTS, Faith and various other stalls, plus the all important tea and buns area. I succeeded in missing all the talks then, but I'm sure they were very good as will be the ones on Sat.

No, I'm not one of those people who thinks everything exciting happens in London.

The Sisters of the Gospel of Life up in Glasgow have their Advent Bazaar on Dec 6th, also featuring tea and buns.... Too far alas to get to from down here.

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