Sunday 30 November 2008

The Choir

... a programme on BBC Radio 3 and presented by Aled Jones, ( who my Mum thinks looks like one of my brothers, but that's another story...) this week is all about music at the London and Birmingham Oratories.

Jackie will be happy. Fr Guy Nicholls has been interviewed and now the London Oratory are singing the 'Sancta Maria' movement from the end of the Monteverdi Vespers. My sort of vocal music. The only words are, 'Sancta Maria ora pro nobis' lots of time in a cantus firmus kinda way with lots of instrumental twiddles.

Catch it on BBC iplayer for the next week.

Like Paulinus, I like to think that my licence fee pays for Radio 3, The Proms and 5 Orchestras spread across the UK and the BBC Singers. The BBC is the biggest employer of musicians in the UK. They are the only musicians who get sick pay, pensions etc rather than being paid per rehearsal, recording session and per concert on a free lance basis.

So not all bad.

Mind you that last episode of 'Apparitions' on Thurs was so explicit that I switched off. Ugh. That's apart from the usual plotting and spying that Caridinals with foreign, but unplacable accents were getting up to. Think Jesuits in Elizabethan England. Pity they didn't do a bit more plotting.

In the same episode, a nun listening in on someone in confession. Probability in real life? A big fat zero? Or am I just hopelessly naive?


Mulier Fortis said...

Looks like my predictions about that series were right... why am I not surprised?

leutgeb said...

I thought I'd just check..

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Thanks for the Oratory link...Jackie was well pleased!lol