Saturday 11 April 2009

The News

You know it's the Easter Bank Holiday weekend because the News always carries lengthy coverage of the NUT Conference.

What seems clear, is if you go to the conference you consider it more important than
1 anything remotely Christian
2 your family.

Poor delegates.

But we have to suffer listening to people getting worked up about... SATs....

Time to see if Jazz Record Requests is still on R3 methinks and I don't particularly like jazz.
Oh no, it's Die Walkure from the Met, proving that nasty people do write nasty music and that it's so long it has to start really early and that you can manipulate people by the clever use of the appogiatura.
I shall be at the Easter Vigil way before the magic fire music brings it all to an end.

Not posting much at the mo cos apart from going to Church like everyone else, (so you don't need me to tell you what's going on, you were there too,) I've got some lurgy so am flopping about before summoning up the energy to go out. And tomorrow the plan is to go to Mass and then drive to Wales, arriving early evening. We'll see.

Happy Easter, when it arrives.


Jane said...

A happy Easter from me.

Good heavens, you also agree with me about NUT conference and Wagner!

Enjoy Wales if you get there.


leutgeb said...

Happy Easter and Pasg Hapus!