Sunday 26 April 2009

Red Carpets

Up to Town after Mass to a meeting of the Orchestra of which I am on the Committee. A Trustee no less, for we are a charity. What this means in practice is that we meet in a cafe thrash out what we will perform and where, divi up the jobs and depart. The Trustee bit means that should we spiral into debt, we each get a share... This is an arts charity after all.

We often meet at the Southbank, though thankfully rarely actually have a meeting - three times a year for three concerts- now that's a good ratio. Today was speeded up as Tim, Principal Horn, Treasurer and general sorter out of things had his five year old son with him who was very sweet and did cutting and sticking type things whilst we sorted stuff out and then it was time to go. Only so much sticking and cutting to be done and that was fine by me.

There was a coup d'etat on a repertoire choice by the conductor (happily living in Shropshire...) so we won't be doing all five Pomp & Circ Marches by Elgar. Relief. One at a time is bearable, all at once, no way. The orchestration varies too and we always have to be mindful of who we will have to buy in. Two harps at £100 a go, is not on. Much as I like to listen to England's greatest Catholic composer after Byrd, playing him can be frustrating.

The red carpets? The BAFTAs are one at the RFH and various media types were about with boom mics and cameras. Meantime, on the other side of the Thames people were running the Marathon. As I walked through Waterloo Station a Mother and toddler were reunited with heroic Father and a family where the Dad had just run it got off the train with me. Medal and all. Impressive stuff. It's one of the rare days when people talk to each other on trains - see how special it is.

Hopefully, I will actually be playing by the next concert which also coincides with 4 nights of a school production....

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