Saturday 22 August 2009

Plums Plums Plums 2

One of the best ever cooking ingredients is Ready Roll Puff Pastry.

Another interesting fact is (I hope,) that it contains no milk products.

Two of my immediate family have become lacto intolerant in the past few years, so this has to be factored in. Main courses are fine, but most dessert recipes start with butter.

This one does not.

Unroll your puff pastry onto a non-stick baking sheet or line it or whatever.
Then roll out marzipan and fit onto the pastry leaving 1/2" border all the way round.
(You can get ready roll marzipan too if you are feeling really decadent. Otherwise it's a rolling pin, icing sugar and a sticky work top.)
Cut up your fruit quite thin.
The original recipe said nectarines, but I have plums.
I guess you could experiment with other stuff. Have fun.
Arrange artistically.
Bake at 180C or Gas Mark 5/6, until the pastry is cooked and the fruit is soft.
Take round to your parent's for Sunday lunch.

The sort of pudding that works well for breakfast on Monday too. Cold. Mm.
Or taken round to your Mum's friend who has broken her wrist. what is it with wrists?


Mulier Fortis said...

I suspect this sort of pudding works well when taken round to church for after-Mass coffee in the club as well...


BTW, the plum jam is gorgeous!

leutgeb said...

Better test it on the family first...

Glad the jam is OK.