Wednesday 2 September 2009

Front or back?

Through a window, I caught a glimpse of the benches inside the Church the other day, just before Mass was about to begin and the Church appeared empty, which seemed really weird. When I got into the Church, of course, it was just that the congregation were polarised. Nothing to worry about, just some people go for the front and some the back.

Given a choice I go for the back.

So, without one of those handy poll things, where do you prefer to be in the Church?


Patricius said...

Near enough to the front in order to see- and far enough back not to be noticed!

Jane said...

Depends on the church and on the occasion. But on the whole I prefer to be hidden in a side chapel, in which these days there is still some hope of finding the Blessend Sacrament. I speak particularly of France.

Dilly said...

At EF Masses, I must sit behind at least one other person, as I haven't got the hang of the standing/kneeling, yet. I still can come unstuck when the person in front is elderly and therefore takes a while to get up or down, but I am gratified to note that, when wearing my mantilla and clutching my 1955 missal, people behind take me for a person of authority in such matters, and do as I do....Result - a mexican wave.

.The Cellarer said...

Near enough the side of a pew to make hasty escape when any or all of three kids are with me!

I don't think I've ever seen a Mass in a Church where people don't fill up from the back. I almost expect to find it in a Missal one day 'The faithful, filling the assembly from the rear...'!

Fr Joseph OP said...

Closer to the front than the back.

I remember just under two years ago I was helping out a catholic youth resource day and we put out the rows of chairs but consciously putting an extra row in front closer to the podium knowing full well no Catholic would sit on it. Just before we began we removed the front row so that the 'second "rowers"' were now at the front! A Catholics nightmare for sure!!

gemoftheocean said...

Front row, far right. At the EF mass I attend during the week I can be assured of seeing the chalice.

I'd sit up there anyway, regardless. My focus is a lot less likely to be pulled by anything. [I like to sit front row at the theatre too.]