Friday 18 September 2009


As a Catholic and a musician, you would think that I had an idea of practising and I do, but the music practice bit is hard to keep up when you are out at work all day.

Tomorrow I play Borodin 2 all day. I've never heard it and I calculate that that I my not have picked up my horn since the Parish Music Evening. I'm hoping it's not a big blow. Or as my ever blunt section principal would put it 'a serious smack in the gob.' It can't be that hard. Horn player knowledge tells me there is a solo in there somewhere, but I'd know if it was for horn 2 (me), so I shall be safe.

Time to test my powers of concentration.... I hope my valves haven't seized up...
Ho hum.

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gemoftheocean said...

Was it Arthur Rubenstein who said:
"If I miss a day of practise, I notice...if I miss TWO days of practise the audience notices."