Wednesday 9 June 2010

Heartening Catholic Anecdotes #3

OK Not so occasional, but I thought everything has got so nasty vis a vis the Papal Visit and we had such a drubbing in the secular media over the last few months that it was time for some cheery posts. (If you want the dreary depressing posts see barabrith gone mouldy.)

Whilst I was in Walsingham lots of great things happened and as with pilgrimages in general the journeys were experiences in themselves.

On the Sunday afternoon we had a procession from our campsite (aka a field next to the Catholic Shrine) to the Catholic Church in Walsingham in all its new spangledness. On the way we experienced a variety of weather and an announcement over the megaphone for children to come done off the banks either side of the path lest they be struck by lightening. As if ...

Anyway, two things I liked amongst many. People playing pushchair relay, so people didn't have to push them the whole way and me getting to play 'God Bless our Pope' (9verses, impressive eh!) down the main street on a borrowed trumpet, that pleasure having been subcontracted out by the instrument's owner who did all the rest of the music for the weekend. As Fr Ted would have said, 'That would be an ecumenical matter.'