Friday 13 May 2011



I wish I lived somewhere where pronouncements from Rome were greeted with enthusiasm. Still, I can make my own enthusiasm.

Over here on bara brith, the blog that's so inoffensive no-one reads it, we play the long game of supporting folks doing good things.

It's such a long game that I had never been to an EF Mass til I was 37 and I live in London where there are relatively lots. I'm one of those boring people who has always gone to Mass on Sunday, so it's not like I missed the notice about it because I wasn't there.

It's a long game, but I think it's that change is getting quicker.

PS The FSSP are looking for sponsorship for their cassock-wearing seminarians to go to WYD with Juventutem.

UPDATE Thanks for the stats spike, James - who clearly has a large number of nocturnal readers.

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