Friday 20 May 2011

Pro woman type things

It seems that when you buy that, which this week sports a free download on, 'The dangers of clericalism,' leaflets drop out. Note-to-self. Must read that clericalism thing lest anything dangerous befalls me. Time to hide behind my pink sofa Dr Who style.

Anyway, it seems that what is more than scary are the bits that drop out.

Not, look after woman and children by supporting, for example:-

The Sisters of the Gospel of life
God's precious infants
The good counsel network

to name but three, but other people to whom you would imagine a Catholic weekly would not sell advertising space. Since these people are meddling in other countries, particularly the developing world, you'd think an International Catholic weekly, would steer well clear.

PS On their 'about us' page the currenct editor describes the publication as

“progressive, but responsible Catholic thinking, a place where orthodoxy is at home but ideas are welcome.”

Now you'll excuse me after a week of er persuading sixth formers who all know so much better than me, what constitutes a successful A Level essay, but um, no.

progressive - never really sure what that means. Appealing to the Zeitgeist? Trying to be trendy?

responsible - how very adult.

Catholic thinking, I enjoyed meeting a PhD student the other week studying medieval sacred music from a perspective of faith and practice. A bit more, 'this what the Church says how do we do it in 2011?' would be gripping. Here are some interesting folks, copy them or support them. That sort of thing.

orthodoxy at home - I like the EF Mass and Gregorian Chant and they are never mentioned, not in a positive way anyway.
The liturgy page doesn't have helpful hints on teaching your choir Mass I,
'Stumbling blocks in the vidi aquam; getting the liquescence right in the alleliuas,' or 'Start learning the 24 verses of lauda sion now and you may just have them in the bag by Corpus Christi,' but hey, that's just me and my eccentric interest in the music of the universal church, clearly very much a minority sport, loads of olympic tickets left etc.

ideas - I have plenty. Won't be looking in there for any new ones either.

Say the rosary, buy a buggy.

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