Friday 20 May 2011

Feeling marginally editorial

Pre-amble, boo hoo woman, opression etc. Try telling that to my great great great aunt, Mother Superior at 30 in mission places in Canada in the 1880s, later Mother Superior General of her order. Yup, really held back, thwarted, never did nothing or my Great great grandmother eldest of 13 children all of whom survived, the only one not to emigrate to the US and the first school mistress in her village, also in 1880. Her mother didn't have much to do running a household of 15, very marginal indeed. Who was cooking the dinners and keeping the fire going, or are such things too marginal? Have you ever met anyone who didn't like home-cooking?

That article says,

'While the post-Vatican II new-rite Mass emphasises the Eucharist as an activity shared by the whole community, the Mass named after the Council of Trent puts more weight on the separation of roles, with the priest active and the congregation passively watching.'

No priest, no Mass.

Passively watching ...and we all know the priest then stands with his back to us so we can't even watch properly passively.

Sunday, the day of rest.

I do wonder if the people who write this stuff don't have tiring jobs, demanding domestic lives, hobbies, a pet, someone ill in their family to be preoccupied about, anything....

May 20th 2011 and they are still peddling this?

Better not quote any more or I'll get in trouble.

See below for the link.

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