Monday 23 May 2011

The Tablet - running scared.

Don't know anyone my age who reads it...the demograpic solution.

Still, nice they let us read them ripping into UE and priests in general and implying all sorts of nasty thing, all for free.

Just worked out that during my half-term I shall sing at 6 Latin Masses, in Ramsgate- St Augustine's, West Grinstead - LMS pilgrimage, Blackfen (Sunday), Blackfen (Ascension Day), Isle of Wight (OF) and Blackfen (Sunday again).

What are train journeys for other than sleeping, reading and learning chant?

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Anonymous said...

I went on a retreat once and got quite bored. I discovered that the Tablet which was sat unread on a coffee table had a Sudoku puzzle in the back. Quite handy l thought. Does that count as having read it?