Sunday 15 May 2011

A nice day

Thought I'd better re-balance things after the previous tale of woe and my terrible childhood.


Woe is me, etc.... :-)

The statue got crowned very well and everyone was in good spirits... even before the bar opened. We have our own pub crawl which starts with tea and biscuits in one hall and may include a choir practice (bottle of sherry in the cupboard, for special occasions,) and ends in the large hall (Fr Z's pub,) with other drinks. Quite a few visitors, who pop by from time to time including a couple and their very lovely baby son.

Apart from an interesting moment when all the electrics flickered off in the Credo and the organ cut out momentarily, all passed off well and I think we may just have got the hang of Mass I.

UPDATE If you like John McCormack and what's not to like, you will love this. Was he from Kerry? He surely rolls his rrrrr's like my relatives do.

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