Sunday 16 September 2007

14th September

Yes, I had noticed on Friday that the big day had arrived. Vast hoards of visitors, that pop over here, usually having googled something unrelated to anything Catholic. Random Evangelisation.

The matter of work got in way of going over to Blackfen and some visiting familiy meant no trip to Brompton Oratory in the evening.

So I was very happy to read Fr Z's homiliy at the Mass.

I always think of him as Fr Zed, but Mac corrected me when I mentioned him, and said that he is of course Fr Zee.

(My mind wanders to Seasame Street at this point brought to you by Pope Benedict XVI the number 14 and the letter Zee. That isn't meant to sound disrepectful, btw.)

Anyway, being a mere serf in the blogosphere, I'm hoping that this is the beginning of better times. Lots of inspiring stuff to read at least. All those old plainsong books on musica sacra alone are worth some study. I lurve the ones with questions at the end of chapters. 'Is this an authentic or plagal mode?' etc. Great. ABRSM eat your heart out.


Mulier Fortis said...

Anybody home? Or are you going to be a strictly weekend blogger??

(Seriously, I hope the new school term's going well!)

leutgeb said...

Well I keep writing things and then self censoring. Trying not to turn this ino a polemic blog.

Plus life is busy.

Got to do a string sectional on Star Wars tomorrow and I need to check tempi!