Monday 3 November 2008

Association of Catholics in Education

I received the following today and was asked to publicise it ......

Bernadette Lally of the Teresian Association and Fr Peter Edwards of St Joseph's Parish in New Malden have started an initiative - Association of Catholics in Education to support Catholic teachers, governors and all Catholics working in education whether in private, state schools or colleges - their last meeting was attended by Fr Luis Ruscillo who spoke on "Fit for Mission? Catholic Schools" Their next meeting is on 20th November 2008 at Pastoral Centre at St Joseph's, New Malden 7.30pm when Paul Stubbings, Deputy Headteacher of The Cardinal Vaughan School will be speaking on "Promoting Catholic Values in Education the talk will be followed by an open forum discussion with a panel of local educationalists the meeting is open in particular to staff and governors from Catholic schools as well as Catholics working in non Catholic schools.

This what Bernadette and Fr Peter say about their aims:

While there are well established and effective national associations for other Catholic professionals there is little available for Catholics in the education sector. The aims and objectives of the Guilds for Catholic Nurses, Doctors etc include: promoting their spiritual well-being of members, inspiring the whole practice of the profession within Catholic principles; providing Catholic ethical/moral guidance to members in an increasingly secular environment; drawing members together for mutual support, occasional lectures, networking, days of recollection, etc. We hope that this recently founded Association of Catholics in Education will cover all of that, and additionally provide a much-needed forum to share and develop ideas, encourage each other spiritually, and discuss current issues affecting Catholics whether involved in Church, state or private education.
"catholic schools and faith-based education benefit civilsociety by helping young people grow into responsible citizens." (Pope Benedict XVI, in his recent letter on education


Louise Kirk said...

How does one get in touch with the new Association of Catholics in Education, please?

leutgeb said...

Via St Joseph's Parish, New Malden, Surrey.

I think Joanna Bogle has better details on her blog as she went to this talk and then wrote about it.