Thursday 6 November 2008

Green pen at the ready

I lived in Tunbridge Wells for a few years, or should I say Royal Tunbridge Wells, so have a green pen and having seen the trailer for BBC's 'Apparitions' am set for some correspondence.

Mac and I do like the Church they use on the telly. So that's where all the historic furnishings and statues went. Martin Shaw as a Priest with a very iffy beard. Much better in 'The Professionals.' Where will the car chases be?

I caught then end of 'Silent Witness' just now and what a load of jumbled up nonsense with the usual uptight mad Christian types. Too tired to go through it all. To bed. Alistair Darling's eyebrows are staring out from the News.....


Mulier Fortis said...

"Mac and I do like the Church they use on the telly."

Heheheheheh... I'll take your word for it, not having seen it myself... but you know my tastes pretty well.

What odds do you think Paddy Power will give me that the priest character has an inappropriate relationship with one of his parishioners (male or female)?

leutgeb said...

No you know that one they always have.

Old, lots of statues, racks of candles. The one they had on the St John Rigby docudrama prog.

Judging by the trailer I saw, Paddy Powers probably aren't taking bets. They'd have to pay out too much. The other cert is the Priest will be racked with doubts and probably have some ding dong with the Church and leave anyway. Or the status quo will be seen to be full of non-believing hypocrits.

Cue blood dripping all over the place, lightening.....crazy stuff.