Saturday 15 November 2008

A musical week

This week we had the big concert at school. All passed off well.

The next night I went to a concert with a colleague and heard a whole pile of Mozart which was very good. Other people were taking the strain and I like that particular conductor a lot.

Spent the next two days very tired. Playing in concerts is one thing, conducting requires a great deal more concentration and energy. Either you are listening intently for any signs that the music is about to be derailed or you are listening intently because the sound is very good and you are trying to make sure that is stays that way. The next day I'm still as high as a kite on adrenalin and totally exhausted. A strange feeling.

Then on Friday I tried out Bach Brandenburg 3 on my Wunderkinderorchestrer and they did good. Bach is the best composer and it was a great start to the day and worth getting the 7.11am train for.

Tomorrow a day of rehearsing for an orchestra that I play in. Good stuff. We play have lunch in a pub, play some more and then finish. Can't complain.

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