Saturday 18 April 2009

Defending Catholicism with a frozen bara brith

Whilst sitting on my sofa, left arm in a sling, typing with one finger, I fear the only thing I have to defend myself with is a bara brith from Llangollen WI.

If The Tablet is running scared of the Catholic blogosphere, it might want to reappraise what it is attacking.

Like several others I find Holy Smoke too personal and nasty at times and that's why I do not have a link to it.

Every other blog is most charitable, sometimes in the face of personal attack and provocation.
I would have hurled that bara brith long ago if I had had to face what some others have had directed at them.

I meanwhile have my own right wing plot to bring down the liberal establishment;
digging over an allotment,
baking cakes,
listening to Radio 3,
supporting Catholic charities that do what they say on the tin,
supporting Catholics who are blogging and organising events supportive of Catholic culture,
supporting Priests
singing in the church choir,
buying raffle tickets at UCM events,
buying cakes at UCM events,
going to Rosary and Benediction,
owning a 1962 Missal and using it.

This reminds me of the 'attack' on Fr Z's blognic last Sept. There I was sipping a half of lemonade after a difficult day at work and chatting to various people and this is attacked.

Extraordinary times indeed.
Ordinary folks like me have ready access to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

Now where's that bara brith?


Anonymous said...

Talking of blogs can you update mine to my new one please?

leutgeb said...

Your wish is my command...

Ches said...

What DOES bara brith mean anyway?

Jane said...


Sympathies with your reduced keyboard manual dexterity, although I have to say it hasn't made any difference to your wit and wisdom.

Know just how you feel about hurling the bara brith. Mine would be a Yorkshire pudding, but I wouldn't waste one on these eejits.

Never mind, Pope Bendict's there - Deo gratias - 4th anniversary tomorrrow. Now which Te Deum would you choose for him this year?