Sunday, 17 October 2010

Quarant'ore 21st-23rd October

It was rather nice when, following the High Mass for the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Fr Tim said, 'and the next big thing is The Forty Hours.'

Last year it was hot on the heels of the St T of L relics. This saw me getting up at silly times and then eating huge breakfasts. Then I got a link from The Catholic Herald, making this blog look like the equivalent of a particularly gaudy statue you might see in Lourdes. Clearly I was born in the wrong age. I would have been fine in The Canterbury Tales. Anyway, I now have an association with Catholic devotions and feasting. Not sure that's an entirley a good thing, but this year I'm hoping to work in a whole pile of cycling into the proceedings.


Dilly said...

You are much too young for the wyfe of Bath, but perhaps you could be the Prioresse. Of course - her vocation is rather ambiguous (amor vincit omnia) and her French accent was cockney, but she did bring along a priest who was very entertaining.

leutgeb said...

I don't think I want to be any of the actual characters, just following along behind somewhere.