Monday, 18 October 2010

Very sorry

to hear that Fr Mildew has been threatened with legal action, both civil and church.

I had best not say more, suffice to say, I hope that the matter is brought to an immediate and satisfactory end for both parties and for Catholic readers of the press.

Prayers during the 40 Hours for you Father.


Dominic Mary said...

Let me support your intention to pray - I shall do the same - but also lament such threats, especially as (for reasons I have previously discussed) there can be no realistic chance of any such civil action succeeding : this is merely strong-arm bullying of a Priest who deserves better treatment.

leutgeb said...

I hope that FrM has access to legal advice that puts his mind at rest pronto.

Dominic Mary said...

Absolutely . . . I am sure that there are plenty of competent members of the Bar who will be delighted to reassure him that his position is safe as far as the civil courts go . . . and I can think of quite a number of Canonists who could probably do the same for him on that front.