Wednesday 20 October 2010

Things on the move

This blog often reads like leutgeb's expolits in happy-land, because I decided when I started writing it that I would focus on the positive and fortunately, for the most part, I have much that is positive to focus on.

Careful reading however will reveal certain people and topics that just don't get a mention. There was a whole group of people, for example, who did not look happy in amongst the thousands of photos of the Papal Visit. I just chose to ignore them, but you know who you are.

Fr Mildew's situation has made me wonder again about certain situations. In a classroom, I jump on any pupil who has got the wrong end of the stick because they have it wrong and because they might confuse other pupils in the class. The same is true, but the implications far worse for priests. In my parent's parish a supplying priest who must have been brought in at very short notice said that he did not preach off the cuff sermons because he might say something heretical (his choice of word,) and that's an attitude of care that you can respect and admire.

But in some situtations merely ignoring the unhelpful (my am I being mild...) and supporting the good does not go far enough. The boy stacking up the contents of his pencil case into some modern art creation, may just desist or the whole lot may crash onto the floor, distracting the whole class.


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