Monday, 4 October 2010

Still here

Mac's visitation for a cup of tea last night reminded me of several animal related stories.

When my little brother was five we did a world tour of Ireland staying with loads of my Mum's relatives and on a farm in Co Kerry, he fell in love with some kittens. So when we got home my parents got a cat. Years later when my Dad had gone on a work trip to Hong Kong, the cat got injured in a late night scrap and the puncture wound got infected. The cat was in a very bad way, unable to lift its head. My Mum spoke to my Dad on the phone, who though a softy, is brutally practical in a crisis, especially if the crisis is animal rather than people related. He told her that if the cat died she should put it in a bin bag outside and he would deal with it when he got back. I like my Dad, he never shirks the type of jobs you'd rather leave to a man. I decided that it would be so awful for my Mum if the cat did die that this was just not going to happen, so I got the cat to lick milk off my fingers and by morning the mega antibiotic jab had taken effect and he was able to drag himself around. He made a complete recovery and lived to be very old.

Then there's the tin of kitikat following the cat down the lawn, but that's another story.... and the squirrels verses the pump action water pistols. I feel the RSPCA making a visit...

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Mulier Fortis said...

Thanks for the cat stories... and the tea!