Friday 8 October 2010

Summorum Pontificum

and its poisonous fruits.

Someone commenting on Fr Ray's blog made reference to these obvious ramifications.

Er, I must have missed something.

Either you've never had the opportunity to go to an EF Mass, or did as a child and maybe always went to Low Mass cos you were little and the High Mass was late in the morning and with fasting from midnight etc etc, so when you say a Missa Cantata is this or that it's not really based on your experience, but what was said to you c1970- the present

or you stumbled into an EF Mass one Sunday and thought, 'This is the real thing,' and have been irrevocably changed for the better.

or you write articles about it for a 'Catholic' publication without ever actually attending an EF Mass, thus rendering your opinion null and void.

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Dilly said...

I think the "poisonous fruits" are that the traddies are getting uppity - and pointing out the failures of the baby-boomer generation - the poster, in other words always wants it to be "Ha Ba Basil".