Saturday 23 April 2011

Getting it all done.

My latest time saving activity ( this blog is after all written by someone who on a work day has the oats in a bowl by the microwave with a plate on top prepared at teatime the day before, milk up to the yellow line, plate underneath to catch any boiling over, six minutes, breakfast time...)is to sing Victimae Paschali laudes every time I switch my computer on. Why I cannot sing reconciliavit without hesitating is beyond me. Six syllables and and a system break, deal with it!

In other news I have reharmonised the version of the Vidi aquam that we sing at the Easter Vigil. The great thing about the organ is that you can up the harmonic rhythm from one chord per bar (guitar chord style), or as in Make me a channel of your peace one chord per phrase, drown us in a D chord with a pointless moving inner part why don't you, to a staggering one new chord per crotchet. Great in theory, let's see if I can bring off its world premiere tonight.

Managed not to get my Easter puddings blessed this am, because not only have I not yet made them, I didn't even have all the ingredients. Turning up with a bag of flour and some eggs, was probably not what was envisaged.

To the kitchen!

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