Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Burning the candle at both ends

Went to Tenebrae at St Mary Moorfields tonight, which was very fine.

Myself and a younger friend even managed to find the right page in my Missal and sing along a bit. Sometimes I wish the translation was smaller than the Latin, but still it is amazing quite how much is packed in there. I've never looked at page 1679 before. Had it few years now and am still discovering it has more stuff in it.

On the way out, we got collared ( in a nice way) by a young man from Juventutem looking for recruits. Let's just say we fall outside the age bracket both ends and whilst in time that won't be a problem for her, I'm not getting any younger.

Juventutem, nice people, join if you are of an age to.

Ah yes, the candle bit. Started the day with an early Mass...

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