Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Six years ago today

I was at a Parents' Evening - c'est la vie...

when a boy bringing me a much needed cup of tea and a biscuit came to say that we had a new Pope and that it was Joseph Ratzinger. I didn't know much at at all about him apart from the fact that he seemed like one of the good guys, depite the continual negative reporting; did I ever really believe the mainstream media?

I remember being in Rome for WYD in 2000 and marvelling that everyone was so happy to be there, compared to England where enthusiasm for things Catholic was not something that you saw too often in public.

How things have changed.

In the September of that year I started commuting to work by train and so could read on the way to work, in due course reading my way through the, shall we say, more 'chatty' books of his oeuvre. Lucky me, is all I can say.

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