Saturday 28 May 2011

Chant Tour Day 1

Took the high speed train from London to Ramsgate. Blink and you are at Ebbsfleet. Blink again and Ashford etc.

Arrived early and sat atop the cliff reading the music. The never before sung together schola arrived and had a practice in the beautiful, beautiful church.

Parish choir did their thing in a most accomplished way with their very adept organist.

Thanks to zepherthingy for the lift home - quite a way.

And congratulations to Fr Holden on having the Mass in the amazingly beautiful, beautiful Pugin church.

The refreshments afterwards were really nice too and we were outside, which we do not take for granted in England.

And there we are. Gregorian chant, I've decided, is like being in an orchestra. You can just practise it and a very large amount of stuff is given, because that's the tradition folks. You just slot in. No conversation necessary with the priests because it's just the same as anywhere.

In an orch, you listen, watch, play, do the gig and then go to the pub.

Day 2 starts with getting to Brighton by 10. Time to make that happen.


Zephyrinus said...

ZEPHERTHINGY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zephyrinus said...

Beautiful church, indeed. Magnificent setting. Pugin's architecture. Wonderful choir. Divine Mass. Packed congregation.

Richard Collins said...

Fr Holden - great priest. I served his first public EF Mass.