Saturday, 18 June 2011

Dad talk

As you know it's Fathers' Day tomorrow and next Sunday is also my Dad's birthday, so he's having two Sundays of Dad days.

He phoned up at lunch-time today to thank me for the card I'd sent (featuring lego people, don't ask) and so it was that I had one of those in depth conversations he really likes. I've got to go to a rehearsal tomorrow pm, so he'll have to make do with my brothers and their ladyfolk for company, plus in a staring role on roast dinner duty - my Mum.

Ranging from the best way to get through Tunbridge Wells and get onto the A267, whilst avoiding the snarl up in Southboro' next Sunday, through the bit of my roof that I plan to have replaced in the summer hols and how he's seen the roofing man around and about (MI5 has nothing on my Dad, )via that box bush thing that needs to be attacked with a chain saw and ending, joy of joys, with fence panels that may need replacing via B&Q and he and one of my brothers will slot them into the wonderful concrete posts. Dad heaven

PS He reliably informs me that the Teachers' Pension Scheme is in surplass. He's my Dad. He's always right.

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