Thursday, 30 June 2011

tu es Petrus

Turning back to page whatever yesterday for the gospel reading, I found myself on the page for the gospel of the feast of the Chair of St Peter, where most of the proper texts seem to be, 'tu es Petrus.'

That would suggest that text pretty important, because it could have been decided to choose other ones referring to him. But that is not what happened.

Since repetition is not unknown in the EF Mass, one has to conclude that it is for a reason. Drubbing into thick skulls perhaps?

Catholicism takes each person very seriously. That's one of the reasons the Protestant view of Our Lady could not be ours, because we just don't sideline and discard people, especially not family.

This authority is not floating around nebulously and what use would it be if it did? It is located in one person. One actual, real, alive person.

Anyway, it's all Greek to me, or Aramaic, or something.

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