Friday, 10 June 2011

The best channel on You tube

horn solos, of course. Lots of Stefan Dohr, principal horn of the Berlin Phil. Leutgeb rates his playing highly.

Very handy for cheering yourself up or looking for useful info on how you might play stuff.

Just about to start rehearsing Beethoven 8. I'm with Tovey that the best Beethoven symphonies are the odd numbered ones. The Eroica is my favourite symphony and not just for the trio in the third movement. It's top stuff for a number of reasons and the orchestration and horn-writing is superb. 5 is 5. 7 is great and 9 has too many good bits to list and ends with a bit of a scream.

2,4,6,8 Mm.

Anyway, the 8th also has a nice moment for the pair of horn in the trio. This is rather lumpy at the opening, but picks up when we hit the trio and both players have Alex 103's, so there.

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