Wednesday 15 June 2011

Kneeling and Sacraments

Confession - kneeling
Confirmation - kneeling
Holy Orders - kneeling (the laying on of hands.)
Baptism - in the arms of a parent, or standing to reach the font.
Marriage - standing for the exchange of vows and kneeling for blessings?
Sacrament of the Sick - in bed if you are really ill, which quite likely, you are.

which leaves Holy Communion - kneeling

So that's kneeling 4, not kneeling 3.

Whilst at St Cecilia's I was reading the translation of the psalms in Vespers (a miracle in itself since I am more than capable of sitting there for an entire psalm thinking about how much I like tone 8 la la la la la LA, la la la la la la La. :-) Muppet.) Anyway the text was along the lines of, and I paraphrase freely, 'The Lord heals the wounded heart. The Lord numbers the stars in the sky.' Whilst it is amazing that Almighty God is interested in my little life, whilst holding the entire universe from minus infinity to plus infinity in and outside time etc in being, I don't think that puts us on the same level. Kneeling for Holy Communion is not so much to ask for those of us who can.

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