Saturday, 25 June 2011


I played in my concert last night, which went well and the warm evening meant that the audience could spill out into the medieval alley for their interval wine..

Before the rehearsal it turned out that the first bassoon had left some of his music at home. I did this once but realised three stops from home, got off the train, over the foot bridge to platform 2, got the music, went to the rehearsal. The trouble with being a wind player is that each set of parts contains one copy of your music and you are the only person who plays it. He had a more techno solution. He got hold of his wife who scanned it and emailed it to him. His office was round the corner from the church so he went there and printed it out. Problem solved.

At the top of the part, his wife had struck through 'fagotto' and written 'forgotto.'

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