Sunday 3 June 2012

Celebrating the Queen's reign in the rain

-Photo from The Daily Telegraph.

All very exciting. Great music from the AAM and the LPO, amongst others.
I liked the row boats best, because it looked kinda Venetian, in an overcast way.

Somewhat chilly and comedy rain on the way home.

interesting walk round Northumberland Ave and The Strand in an effort to get to Charing X, but made it onto a train and got a seat.
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Patricius said...

My heart went out to the singers who managed to belt out "Land of Hope and Glory", "Rule Britannia" and "God Save the Queen" while being drenched to the bone.

Anonymous said...

@ Patricius,

Does your heart go out to the 6 million plus babies whose lives have been terminated by the abortion Act, which was signed by this supposedly Christian Queen in 1967?

leutgeb said...

@ Sonnet

Since Patricius has a blog feed to Maria Stops Abortion; The Good Counsel Network Blog, we can be assured that he does.

Patricius said...

Thank you, Leutgeb.

Sonnet, I cannot see how expressing sympathy for human beings in one particular instance could give the impression that one is unsympathetic to others in other circumstances.

I have also expressed my concern for the Queen on my own blog.