Monday 4 June 2012

Jubilee, the last post


To end the story. Summoned to a jubilee lunch at my parent's house, the food had turned retro. Suddenly, sandwich spread sandwiches and jelly were for tea. Due to unusual circumstances, just now, my mother had to rush off immediately after lunch, leaving me in charge of re-heating things for ambulance brother's arrival after work. Ambulance brother did a 9 hour shift with no meal break and decided to go straight home, so I duly bagged up a haul of goodies sufficient to last to the end of Wednesday and then got a text. Text said, 'jelly in the fridge don't forget the sandwiches.' I ate another portion of jelly before leaving so it looked like it was being eaten.

Below is the medal that members of the armed and emergency services who have at least five years service have received to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee.

Now back to the sandwiches. Haven't had homemade egg ones for a while. Yum.

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