Tuesday 12 June 2012


Tis the week of internal exams.

My list of spelling ishoos

Parcell (Purcell) To be fair there were a couple of spelling of his name around during his lifetime.

but no Handle, chello or orcestra yet.

Two people think F minor has five flats

and one cellist cannot transcribe from tenor to bass clef. Tss.

We won't mention what 'Andante non tanto quasi moderato,' means, which is what Tchaikovsky wrote at the start of the Romeo and Juliet overture.  How indecisive!  Why not write minim = a number and be done with it.  The syllabus says you have to be able to define it, so there we are.


Mulier Fortis said...

Well, how is "trombone" supposed to be spelt??

Patricius said...

My piano teacher, of whom I was in awe on account of his having met Vaughan-Williams and dined with Elgar, always referred to the composer as "Persil". I regard that as authoritative...but will it wash with anyone else?

leutgeb said...

Mac, trumbone, trompet, claremet etc.

Patricius, the old Master Musicians book on Purcell listed a whole pile of spellings around in his day including the washing powder.