Thursday 21 June 2012

Not a whisper

Tim Stanley leaks in The Torygraph that Govey is to bring back O Levels for first examination in 2014.

The syllabi would start being taught in September 2012. Oh hang on, that's next term. Maybe he means teaching from Sept 2014.

O Levels had an A-C pass rate way way lower than the current A*-C of the GCSE, so I look forward to that catching on. One great thing was that the syllabi did not change. I was the last year of O Levels and cos I could do the Music so easily I did every past theory paper going back to 1970. All exactly the same format. I meanwhile, have taught 7 different GCSE Musics in the last 19 years, which gets more tedious every time I have to change.

It will have a very interesting knock on effect on A levels. O Level Music was harder than AS.

I teach IGCSE as if we are doing AS, that way we don't get bored and when they get into the Sixth Form, they find they know most of what they need.

Are CSEs coming back too?

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