Saturday 16 June 2012

Feast of the Sacred Heart

Got to sing the Mass here, which is always a pleasure.

When I was in the infants, this feast was marked by Fr Koch buying the whole school ice lollies. Since my first summer at school was 1976, when it was a little hot, it was all the more exciting. I remember him opening the boot of his car and seeing boxes and boxes of lollies. The excitement!

That was after a visit here

where I slightly naughtily took my group into the temporary exhibition on Holst's The Planets. It's been put together by The Philharmonia Orchestra under Esa-Pekka Salonen, who is into installations. It's great. We happened to be there as it got back to the beginning and started Mars. There was a percussionist, who showed the boys how to play various instruments. They got to bong the gong, play snare drum in the 5/4 ostinato, play bass drum and xylophone. Cool. Round the corner there was a cellist, who demonstrated col legno. There were also video thingies where you could conduct the orchestra. All the while the music played. They loved it. It was pretty empty too, so we had the attention of the musicians all to ourselves. If you are interested in the orchestra and in The Science Museum before mid July, definitely worth a visit.

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Location:St James's, Spanish Place

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