Monday 2 February 2009

Boris on snow

'The right type of snow, just the wrong sort of quantities. ' Brilliant. I like Boris, at least he'd be cheery in a disaster and throw in some classical quotes. Maybe the news people are miserable because they are at work and the rest of us are not

Tuesday school has now been cancelled and our concert postponed.

Ambulance brother stayed with my parents last night as they live closer to his ambulance station than he does. His shift started at 7am this morning, so he and my Dad dug his car out at about 6am to do a journey that usually takes 15 mins. My Dad enjoys this sort of thing. He got to use his snow shovel. It reminds him of Wales. Ambulance brother similarly likes this sort of thing and was expecting a very busy day. He was adamant that he had to be at work on time as the first call after 7am was down to him. It's just said on the news that the LAS is only responding to life-threatening calls. Must be taking ages to get to people.

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