Monday 16 February 2009

Sacred and Great

The main bit of this article is that everyone can now read Fr Tim's paper on the liturgy, which is great. You'd be crazy not to. Very clear, totally approachable. Or you could save it up for after next Wed.

In other news. I have a Parents' Evening on Shrove Tuesday. Now how can that be right?
When am I supposed to be able to eat pancakes and chocolate and .....?
I shall be scoffing on the train home and maybe during the Parents' Evening.
'Sorry Mr & Mrs X is part of my religious practice. Feasting 'n' Fasting.'

Maybe I'll even buy a bacon sarnie on the way to work...Mm the possiblities are endless.
Hand out sweats to homeless people in the street....

1 comment:

Jane said...

And then on Ash Wednesday at school someone might point out in polite embarrassment that you have a dirty mark on your forehead. Leave it with you so you can prepare your answer in case it happens. Or maybe it already has and you've found a response that doesn't embarrass them even further. That's the odd thing. They are embarrassed.

I'll be flying home on Shrove Tuesday and have promised pancakes to 'him indoors' in the evening.

Will raise a glass to you,
Cheers for now,