Sunday 15 February 2009

Not so Ordinary

Over here in Extraordinary land, there's seemingly no Ordinary Time between the end of Christmas and the beginning of Lent. (Skip on if you know all this. Here she goes again.)

The Gloria has gone and the Alleluia and we are into Tracts. This is all very exciting and purple already.

My Grandfather wrote an RE textbook in the 50s called 'Red Letter Feasts for Catholic Schools with illustrations from the Old Masters' and it contains some useful pie charts (for he had a Maths degree,) on the liturical year. I should have a look the next time I'm at my parents. It never got re-published after Vatican II. Too many closed questions and not enough opinions, I guess. No break up into groups....

Sometimes I think it could have been like my Maths Textbooks were when they went metric or even more groovy SI Units. (No-one told our Orbit Theory Lecturer who was still describing g as 30 ft/s squared in 1990....) Vatican II Updated Edition.

Unfortunately, he died in 1975 just after my fifth birthday, so we never got to talk Maths, or teaching or Ireland or anything, alas.


Patricius said...

I recall us using a book with the words "Red Letter Feasts" in the title very briefly during my first year in secondary school in 1967 and finding it much more interesting than the usual fare in what were then called R.I. lessons.

leutgeb said...

That's interesting. Must have been the same book? It was aimed at upper primary and lower secondary and had a page of text and then questions on each feast.

My Mum got to keep the postcards of the pics from the National Gallery for her scrap book.

Jane said...

I hate going away. Getting ready means I con't concentrate on interesting things like this.

Anyway, done post for you : introduced on Oasis and link to gardening blog for main message. More when I get back.

All best,

leutgeb said...

How lovely. Thank you.

Hope the hob cleaning went well. Think how pleased you will be to see it gleaming on your return.

enjoy your trip.