Friday 13 February 2009


Just spent 90 mins in solitary digging. At this rate 2 hours a week for a month and I may get to the big pile of debris in the middle in time to plant some stuff. Back tomorrow am, weather permitting. I'm trying to get into a routine, me. I've read those stories of people who take on allotments and give up, so I'm going for the little and often approach. The earth is a little heavy at the mo - London clay plus rain and snow, but I have now turned over and removed masses of roots from a strip the width of the plot.

Back home to plant some tomato seeds in egg boxes and put them in the airing cupboard. Very Blue Peter. Toilet Rolls next...

My Mother is already glazing over every time I start talking enthusiastically about seeds and it's only Feb! Mere specks turning into carrots. How is that not amazing? She's very appreciative of the results however and I do go on (a bit.)

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Jane said...

There is a poem that begins, 'In my hand a forest lies asleep'. Will find it for you when I get back.

Racing round madly trying to get ready for Wenesday departure. No time for the article I planned but am about to leave some thoughts for you on my gardening blog. Link on my Oasis sidebar. These should be ready to post by the end of the afternoon. In the middle of cleaning the cooker top. Ugh!