Sunday 22 February 2009

Digging alone no more

Yesterday I got digging again in the lovely sun. (Is this becoming strangely familiar? Yup this is morphing into a monoblog.)

The ground was much easier to work, but the main news is that the plot next to mine has been taken. The new tenants were busy clearing it and I look forward to seeing how much they got done. Quite a bit, I think, as they were really going for it. Next door but one over some very high brambles an old gent has dug out trees and all sorts and his is beginning to look like a patch you could plant stuff on. He's done plenty hard work. This allotment site is a bit rougher looking than the 'posh' ones I see from the train. We have trees and sheds all over the place, but it's great that nearly all of it is being cultivated.

Meanwhile, the tomato seeds in the egg boxes in the airing cupboard have germinated and are in the kitchen.

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