Saturday 14 February 2009

A Day with Mary

or in my case a morning and lunch-time. (If you could only see how little of that allotment is dug, OK, maybe 5%.)

I like processions a lot, but it is a little odd saying the Rosary walking down a London suburban street, with lots (and lots ) of other people. People stare. Or maybe that just speaks volumes about me.

A comedy moment was provided when the B13 Bus stopped and six people got out to join the back of the procession. Now that the buses announce the stops, someone suggested at lunch-time that the event should be added; 'Burnt Oak Lane- Day with Mary.' Now that would be good. The bus, by the way, was of the type featured in the Dawkins bus ad pic. Also amusing.

Mass ended with a rousing and much needed rendition of 'God bless our Pope,' which I seem to think we sang a lot when I was a child, but maybe it was just 1978. Can't remember.

Bara Brith, here with the trivia as usual. Mac will have the pics, I expect.

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Mulier Fortis said...

I've added the odd one or two. No doubt there will be more to follow...