Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Check out the intro

I'm reading one of St Edith Stein's books at the mo and the translator's intro is hilarious or infuriating or both on account of the heavy Woman's Hour, poor old women slant.

It is a great shame that St Theresa Benedicta of the Cross could not gain an appointment as a university lecturer in the 30s and then was barred anyway on account of being Jewish.  Cambridge didn't award degrees to woman til 1948 etc etc.  Incidentally, one of my mother's great aunts graduated from UCG in the 20s and then became a nun in the 30s.  Before entering, she commuted by motor cycle from the family home in West Clare to the convent she taught in in Limerick.  We have her graduation photo.  She looks very sensitive and gentle.

It's just not clear from St Edith Stein's writing that she felt terribly sorry for herself, or unable to do anything on account of the obstacles put in her way.  She didn't exactly waste her time moaning, for sure.

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