Wednesday, 23 May 2012

All very fine


Meanwhile in the last year, the choir at OLR  have introduced Masses I, IX, XVII, Credo I, quite a few Latin Hymns and got to grips better with the Vidi Aquam, the Te Deum Simple Tone and the sequences.

We have got our heads round singing the propers to psalm tones at a pace where we have a sense of the structure of the text.

I have been visiting St Cecilia's monthly and benefitting from the education and example of Sr Bernadette and the singing there.

My schola buddies provide invaluable help and we have sung the Gregorian Propers in Blackfen, St James' Spanish Place, Brighton, Quarr, West Grinstead.  I've sung in Ramsgate too.

The parish has got a new piano for the 10.30 Choir and the Choir at the 9am Mass to use for rehearsals.

Candy got us 20 copies of The Parish Book of Chant, which has lots of great stuff suitable for a choir of ordinary folks to sing.  She also masterminded the visit of Dom Yves-Marie from Solesmes.  She has other plans for new ventures afoot.

The Gregorian Chant network has put on another event for Choir Directors, amongst other things.  No representative from any Catholic Diocese or the Catholic Press turned up.  But James MacMillan was there and it was a great day.

Several new initiatives and scholas have been founded.

So actually, at a grass roots level, there are lots of things going on.

All the music, plus recordings are available for free on the internet.

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