Tuesday 29 May 2012


At work I have just come into an iPad. The other day I was sitting somewhere where there is wifi getting what is on mine onto the new one. I've more or less done that now. A lesson change bell went and past came a first form class. One of the best effects of technology is that the pupils think it is great. My credibility is now sky high on the basis that Miss has two iPads. That and using iTuning fork in Junior String Orch. Just for rehearsals mind. For concerts we revert to the tried and tested method of the co-leader, who of course has perfect pitch, giving an A. He likes the special job too. Audience hushes, he stands etc. Great theatre. In the full orch an oboist playing into an electronic tuner, which the audience can't see.

Another member of staff has some app that does mark books and fancy spreadsheet stuff, so I shall be quizzing him on whether he thinks it's good and if it is,that's what I shall be using come Sept. At the moment I have a paper A5 Teacher Planner which has everything I have to do, lesson plans etc, plus the all important calendar, so I can fit in the smillions of school concerts etc against my other commitments. All this may go electronic. Now is a good time of year to get this sort of thing planned out. Puts off writing exam papers, marking them and writing reports...

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