Sunday, 13 May 2012

Gardening in the rain

The weather has been so bad that the Torygraph ran an article recently about gardening in the rain. they were scrabbling around quite a bit about what to say and managed to come up with waterproof trousers are good and you can pull the tap roots of dandelions out when the ground is soft and will be pleased you did when the drought comes back. today the sun shone, so having done the other stuff I had to do, I made a last half hour dash to the garden centre and got some plants, including tomato plants. mid May and I'm buying small plants. Fastforward to late Sept/ early Oct and I'm thinking kitchen window sill, bananas and green tomato chutney or sweet vinegary mush. Still, one must be optimistic and believe that the six little plants will be providing me with tomatoes for my lunch in August as well as the basis for pasta sauces which I will squirrel away in the freezer and bring out in November when I need a tasty dinner or smugly add to casseroles for the family.

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