Sunday, 13 May 2012

The dictatorship of

My feelings. as I understand it, you used to sue for libel if what was printed or said about you was untrue, unless you were Jonathan Aitken, (cheap yes and he's now a reformed character, but you get my point.). Now you can sue if your privacy is invaded or you feel upset. Or if the perceived offence isn't directed at you per se, but is an advert, you go to the ASA. I contacted them about that MAP ad that caused me to choke on a bagel on the Northern Line one Sunday morning. It was withdrawn on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. interesting. Anyway, I misunderstood that marriage ad the first time I saw it, because I thought it showed how one couple could give rise to lots and lots of other families. maybe it does. marriage generates people and generates society.

The other dictatorship we has is of statistics. Ditch Catholicism, common sense and observation of how folks in our families have done the stuff that doesn't change as we go down the generations because human nature is still the same and and look at what the survey says. having had to play with the rubbish mathematical models the DfES ( or whatever they call themselves now ) come up with to predict what your pupils should get and weed out those pupils who are brilliant but you never noticed... I'm not holding my breath with expectation there. 70% of the people they asked eh. What about al the previous generations? Still if the charge is that the 70% figure is wrong then just produce the study and bingo. why they are going for a bloke burnt at the stake ages a go is anyone's guess.

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